Ютюб “Another Impossible Situation”: ~Beth+Lizzie Face Respective Bigamy And Shoplifting Charges~

Описание: “Another Impossible Situation”: ~Beth+Lizzie Face Respective Bigamy And Shoplifting Charges~ **NOTE:** Partial Overlap w/Video-Edit entitled, Phillip+Beth: ~”This Is Hell, For Me… And For Lizzie.”~Already Posted, follows next! Gus arrests Beth and hauls her to the station. Then he calls Phillip and tells him that he has arrested Beth … for bigamy! Phillip stormed in and wanted to know what was going on. Gus repeated that Beth had committed bigamy. He reminded Phillip that bigamy is a felony. Beth screamed at Phillip that she didn’t need him to defend her. Even though Phillip wanted to help, Beth said she didn’t want his help. Phillip told Gus that his lawyers would get Beth out. Gus said he hasn’t officially booked Beth yet because he wanted to show Phillip what he could do. He told Phillip that this was a warning. He promised Phillip that he would make it more than personal and whatever Phillip held dear in his life is fair gain. Gus exits to get the key. Phillip reached through the bars and touched Beth’s shoulder. He admitted he hated to see her in this situation. She asked for his cell phone to call Lillian. Phillip exits to find out what was taking so long. Beth called Bill to tell him where she is. Beth wanted him to tell the police that the wedding wasn’t real. Phillip grabbed the phone and hung up. Accompanied by a police officer, Lizzie and Tammy enter. Phillip and Beth are stunned. Phillip asked Frank what happened. He explained how they stole a diamond ring
Дата: 02.10.11
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