Ютюб Ship general-purpose firing complex

Описание: The 3R-14UKSK-X* (UKSK) multipurpose shipboard firing system is designed for surface ships being upgraded or under construction and equipped with the Club-N and BrahMos missile systems. The system provides: – installation; – daily maintenance; – automated control; – combat use of the 3M-54TE, 3M-14TE, 91RTE2 and BrahMos missiles. The UKSK is delivered as a self-contained independent air- and water-tight stowage with fire-extinguishing, water drain and ventilation systems along with the fire control equipment. This design: greatly simplifies the systems installation onboard and reduces its installation time; eliminates the necessity to allocate specialized missile magazines on ships. The missiles are located in containerless or container modular underdeck vertical launchers (4 or 8 missiles per each module depending on the modification). * alphanumeric code of the ships project SPECIAL FEATURES: – BrahMos and Club-N missiles usage in any combination – Elaboration of firing data on sea surface, underwater and land targets – General purpose under-deck launcher intended for 4 or 8 missiles Универсальный корабельный стрельбовой комплекс 3Р-14УКСК-X* (УКСК) предназначен для установки на модернизируемых и строящихся надводных кораблях, оснащаемых ракетами ударных комплексов Club-N и BrahMos. Комплекс обеспечивает: – размещение; – повседневное обслуживание; – автоматизированное управление; – боевое применение ракет 3М-54ТЭ, 3М-14ТЭ, 91РТЭ2 и BrahMos. Поставка УКСК осуществляется
Дата: 05.31.12
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